My name is Pavel, I am

This blog is about my dev journey.

Till the end of 2020, I worked as a salesperson for a huge Czech bank. Then I decided to take a leap of faith, quit my job, and become a software developer.

I write about anything connected with my journey, here you can find the last post:

everyday leadership

Everyday Leadership

Few thoughts about leadership for non-managers. How do I feel and think about stepping up and becoming a leader, having impact on the team.


I also write short-ish diary styled snippets – I call those simly “notes journal” – there are the last 5 of those:

More details about me and this blog

As a matter of fact, this started as a blog about my way to becoming a software engineer. You can find a bunch of articles from that time (written in Czech) there.

Now as of December 2021 I am already like 8 months on the job, and it has been quite a ride. 

I decided to continue writing this stuff in English as I feel more and more being a part of a wonderful international community.

Uncle Bob (Robert C. Martin – if you never heard of him, google it and learn from him. Like seriously!) once said –

“If you can code, you are my people. You are my tribe. “

Hey, you are my tribe too!

Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to leave me a message – I welcome all feedback, improvement suggestions, encouragements, even hates 😀